Sunday, August 2, 2009

Domenic Mario

So friday night began at Albert's house and by the time i had arrived Dom was pretty loose, not too loose but his looseness was at a good level. After an hour or so Dom decided Woolworthes was an appealing destination for some much needed nutrients, it was here that he met Anjelica, now his first impression wasn't the best one, to sum it up he was giggling like a school girl and made a fool of himself by going to lean on the counter and missing and stumbling, Anjelica was fairly impressed. Dom came back and told me this story, with lollipop in hand so we decided that we would return within half an hour after consuming more goon. Dom decided we should go see Anjelica, this time he had more of a conversation with his lady of love, discussing her name and how she is of Croation descent and how he knew this because of the J in her name and his own croation heritage. So with more lollipops in hand we departed but not before saying goodbye to Anjelica, i'm not sure if she truely appreciated our visit but i believe it made her evening more enjoyable. We were at Albert's for another two hours or so in this time more goon was consumed and i didn't really see much of Dom as i was inside. As we were leaving to head up the street i found Dom in the alley way and the followng pictures occured.

Supposedly he'd yacked twice before this.

He moved to the wall across.

Then collapsed and threw up.

Passed out next to the pond in Albert's backyard with hustler.

Dom didn't make it to the party and ended up at Jackson's.

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